Visit Our Barnyard Animals.

Our "3 little pigs", 10 energetic goats playing on their goat walk, the never ending cock-a-doodle-doo
roosters, bunnies and ducks.

The Big Green Monster Hedge Maze - opening August 30, 2014.

It's Big, It's Green, It's the "Big Green Monster Maze at Honey Pot Hill Orchards!  Takes up to 1 hour to complete, 1.5 miles in length, consists of 3,000 arborvitae hedges, 6 bridges and a lookout gazebo.  Cost covers entry to all mazes: $11.95 ages 13+, $7.95 ages 4 to 13 and under 4 is free.  Children under 10 are not allowed without adult.

The Mini Monster Hedge Maze

Come have lots of fun getting lost in the Mini Monster Maze, an exact replica of the famous 'Hampton Court' maze in England.  The Mini Monster Maze is open daily from 9-6.  Cost is $2.00 person.

The Tunnel Maze

The Tunnel Maze is great fun for the kids, ages 4-10.  Entry cost of either of the above mazes includes entry to the Tunnel Maze.  Open daily 9-6.


Opening August 30, 2014.