When will PYO (pick your own) apples open for the season?
August 30. 2014.

How much does apple picking cost?

Big bag, 20 lbs.: ...............$24.00, this bag allows a family of up to 5 into the orchard, (two adults and three children) or maximum of 3 adults.
Medium bag, 10 lbs.: .......$16.00, this bag allows a family of up to 3 into the orchard, (two adults and one child) or maximum of 2 adults.

When does the Appleshop close for the season?

The Appleshop is open everyday til Christmas, 9-6.  We then re-open for the first 2 weekends only in January, January 3&4 and 10&11.

When is pear picking?

Pear picking is from mid-August to mid-September.

How much is the Hedge maze & Tunnel maze?

The cost for the hedgemaze and includes the tunnel maze for children ages 4 thru 10  is $2.00 person.  Opening August 30, 2014.

How much is the New Green Monster Hedge maze?

Opening August 30, 2014.
Takes appox. 1 hour to complete, 1.5 miles.

The cost for this maze is $11.95 for adults, ages 14 and older.  $7.95 for ages 6 thru 14.  Children under the age of 10 are not allowed without adult.  This cost includes entry to all mazes.

How much & when are the hayrides?

Hayrides will begin August 30, 2014.  $2 per person (under 2 yrs old is free) for unlimited rides, remember to get your hand stamped!

*Dogs are not allowed into the orchard due to sanitation, per Board of Health.

Take a Hayride!

Opening August 30, 2014.