When will PYO (pick your own) apples open for the season?

August 30, 2014 for all other appropriate available apples.  Check back on the website for more information!

How much does apple picking cost?

Big bag (1/2 bushel), 20 lbs.: ...............$25.00, this bag allows a family of up to 5 into the orchard, (two adults and three children) or maximum of 3 adults.
Medium bag (1 peck), 10 lbs.: ........$16.00, this bag allows a family of up to 3 into the orchard, (two adults and one child) or maximum of 2 adults.

Is there Pick Your Own Peaches?

No.  Peaches are available in the Apple Shop only.  Please check website for availability.

When does the Apple Shop close for the season?

The Apple Shop is open everyday til Christmas, 9-6.  We then re-open for the first 2 weekends only in January, January 3 & 4 and 10 & 11.

When is pear picking?

Pear picking is from mid-August to mid-September.

How much is the Mini Green Hedge maze & Tunnel maze?

The cost for the hedgemaze and includes the tunnel maze for children ages 4 thru 9  is $2.00 person.  Opening August 30, 2014.

How much is the Big Green Monster Hedge maze?

Opening August 30, 2014.
Takes appox. 1 hour to complete, 1.5 miles.

The cost for this maze is $11.95 for adults, ages 16 and older.  $7.95 for ages 5 thru 15.  Children under the age of 10 are not allowed without adult.  Under 5 is free.  This cost includes entry to all mazes.

How much & when are the hayrides?

Hayrides will begin August 30, 2014.  $2 per person weekday/ $4 per person weekends (under 2 yrs old is free) for unlimited rides, remember to get your hand stamped!

Are dogs are allowed in the orchard?

Dogs are not allowed into the orchard due to sanitaion, per Board of Health.

FOR EMPLOYEES: Click here for schedule.

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