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Take a look through our bakery window menu. Making a decision before you reach the register will help us to keep lines moving.

Thank you! 


Apple Cider Cinnamon Sugar donut bag.

Served in a bag of 6 donuts, all covered in cinnamon sugar.



Apple Cider Cinnamon Sugar and Plain donut bag.

Served in a bag of 6 donuts; 3 plain, and 3 covered in cinnamon sugar.



Apple Cider Plain donut bag.

Served in a bag of 6 donuts, all plain.



Apple Pie.




Pumpkin Pie. 



Plain Caramel Apple.

Made in the same area as our peanut apples. Allergen warning. 



Peanut Caramel Apple.

Caramel apple rolled in peanuts. Allergen Warning.


Bakery Window FAQ's

1. How many donuts in a bag?

- There are 6 in a bag. 

2. Are there peanuts in the donuts?

- No, the peanut caramel apples are made in an entirely separate room.


3. Are all of the donuts the same?

- All of our donuts are apple cider donuts, some are covered in cinnamon sugar. 

4. Are the donuts fresh?

- We bake them fresh daily, and by demand.

5. Do you sell cider and water at the bakery window?

- No, all of the drinks need to be purchased in the farm store. Specialty drinks are purchased at the slushee window. 

6. Do you sell regular food at the bakery window?

- No, but we do have a grill open on the weekends that sells select foods.

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