Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we bring dogs into the orchard? Are dogs allowed on the property?

       Per the Board of Health, dogs are NOT allowed onto the property.

What do PYO hours mean?

      Pick Your Own hours are 9:30-5pm. Five o'clock IS THE LAST ENTRY INTO THE ORCHARD. You can purchase your bags up until five o'clock. You will NOT be asked to leave at five, you are welcome to pick until six o'clock when the property closes.

Is Honey Pot open during bad weather or on holidays?

    Honey Pot is open RAIN OR SHINE. Holidays run on normal hours (9-6), but if the farm store closes for any unexpected reason all details will be posted on our website and social media. We are closed Thanksgiving Day and open on Christmas Eve 9-3 PM.

Can we bring our own bags?

   Unfortunately, no, you may not bring your own PYO bags. Typically we welcome reusable bags in the store, but due to COVID measures they will not be allowed during the 2020 season.

Can we walk around the orchard while it is closed?

Honey Pot Hill is private property, so it is not open to the public for walking. If you wish to walk around during the season we require you to have a picking bag.

I am a photographer. Do I have to pay to shoot at Honey Pot?

 If you are looking to take photos on the farm, we ask that you pay at least the minimum bag entrance price for the size of your group.

Do you accept Debit/Credit?

        Inside of the farm store we DO accept credit/debit with a minimum $10 purchase. There are also three ATM's located on the property in Lot A, Lot B, and inside of our farm store. Pick Your Own and donut windows are CASH ONLY so please utilize our ATM's or plan to bring cash with you.  

Are we allowed to feed the farm animals?

      We have special feed for purchase that is a routine part of our animals' diet. Please do not feed any animals with signs instructing you not to feed them. Feeding the animals anything but the feed provided can cause stomach issues, so we kindly ask that you refrain.

What do the yellow ropes mean?

       The yellow ropes are to signal that the apples on the other side are not yet ripe. Although they may look ripe from where you stand, we take great care to make sure the fruit you pick has ripened to peak flavor. Ripeness can quite literally vary by row. PLEASE DO NOT CROSS THE ROPES. 

Do you spray your trees?

Honey Pot Hill is an IPM orchard. Integrated Pest Management means that we monitor our orchard for insects and infections and spray only when needed. Spraying is costly and time consuming, we don't like it either, but we do what is necessary to protect our fruit.

Should I be worried about peanut allergies?

 The orchard constantly posts ingredient lists for all of our products, so please ask an employee to see one if you wish to do so. Peanuts are used on the farm (as seen in the peanut caramel apples), but our bakery is completely PEANUT-FREE . Cider donuts and pies are also peanut free. The caramel apples are made and packaged in a separate room across the building. 

Are strollers allowed?

       Strollers and wagons are allowed througout the orchard.  Please note there are only dirt paths.  Strollers and wagons cannot go on the hayrides. 

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