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*Picking Varieties 

Vista Bella - Late July to early Aug.

Paula Red - Early Aug. to early Sept.

Early Mac - Early Aug. to late Aug.

Graventstein - Early Aug. to mid Sept.

Smitten - Late Aug. to early Sept.

Akane - Late Aug. - early Sept.

Sansa - Late Aug. to early Sept. 

Ginger Gold - Late Aug. to early Sept.

Macintosh - Early Sept. to late Dec.

Crab Apples - Mid Sept.

Royal Gala - Mid Sept. to mid Nov.

Honeycrisp - Mid Sept. to Dec.

Cortland - Mid Sept. to late Dec. 

Jonagold - Late Sept. to mid Dec.

Empire - Late Sept. to mid Dec. 

Macoun - Early Oct. to mid Dec. 

Spartan - Early Oct. to late Dec. 

Red Delicious - Early Oct. to late Dec. 

Golden Delicious - Mid Oct. to Dec. 

Spencer - Mid Oct. to late Dec. 

Crispin/Mustu - Mid Oct. to late Dec. 

Winesap -  Late Oct. to late Dec.

Baldwin - Late Oct. 

Image by Jonathan Mast


Clapps Favorite - Mid Aug. to mid Sept. 

Bartlett - Late Sept. to early Oct. 

Seckel - Early Sept. to late Nov. 

Devoe - Mid Sept. to mid Dec. 

Bosc - Late Sept to late Dec. 

Blueberry Availability 

July to early September 

Peach Availability 

July to September (no peach picking)

Plum Availability 

Shiro - Late July to early Aug.

Damson - Early Sept. 

Stanley (Italian) - Early Sept. 

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