Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own is Cash and Check Only

We don't have the capability to accept credit cards in the orchards, sorry!

ATM's Available In ALL Picking Locations!


Blueberry PYO:


Apple Picking: OPEN!

Peck Bag-$18.00 (good for three people)

1/2 Bushel Bag-$28.00 (good for five people)

Pick Your Own Bag Sizes:

1/2 Bushel Bag: $28.00

Maximum of 5 people

Peck Bag: $18.00

Maximum of 3 People

Extra Person $6.00

Varieties Available for Picking:

Gala (pink apple): Sweet and crunchy, mild, great for eating, great for applesauce

McIntosh (red and green): Bright white flesh, juicy sweet/tart flavor, great for applesauce

Cortland (red and green): tarter, great for eating and excellent baking

Golden Supreme (yellow apple): large apple, sweet and crunchy, great for eating

Empire (red): small hard and crunchy, on the sweeter side, great baking and eating

Honeycrisp: must take the hayride, last weekend!

Fuji (pink): very sweet and crunchy, great eating apple, stores well

BOSC PEARS (BROWN PEAR): Crunchy and harder, great eating pear, sweet