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Bakery Window Menu

You can not pre-order donuts here! This is only a menu for the bakery windows, we do not take pre-orders. The function of this menu is to help you make decisions about what you are going to buy before you reach the window, in an effort to make the line move quicker.
We mainly take cash at the bakery windows, our card machines often have trouble. If you only have a card to pay with, we do have an ATM located just inside the farm store. 


- Pumpkin pie 

- Apple Pie 

$14.50 each

*may sell out*

Apple Cider Donuts

- 6 Apple Cider donuts covered with Cinnamon Sugar 

- 3 Plain Apple Cider donuts + 3 Apple Cider donuts covered with Cinnamon Sugar 

- 6 plain Apple Cider donuts

$5.00 per bag

Caramel Apples

- Caramel apple with peanuts 

- Plain Caramel apple

$3.25 with peanuts 

$3.00 plain

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