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Field Trip Guidelines


  • Backpacks are not allowed in the orchard. If you are carrying medical supplies, that is allowed, but please consolidate as much as possible. Backpacks and baby carriages can be subject to inspection while on property.

  • Carriages and strollers are not permitted on the hayride.

  • Minimum group size is 15 people.

  • Large groups (over 75) are not guaranteed to be on the same hayride. Your group will be transported to the same place and in a timely manner, but if the group is more than 75 people, we will have to split the group between two wagons. Please be prepared for this!

  • Small groups may be placed on a hayride with other school groups. 

  • School group packages are only offered on weekdays with a reservation.

  • School field trips must be booked in advance. 

  • All costs are per person and include: all students, siblings, chaperones, parents, bus drivers, and teachers.

  • All members of a group must choose the same package.

  • While you are out in the orchard only pick the amount of fruit that will fit in your container. Please respect other school groups that will be picking from the same trees. 

  • Payment is due in full on the day of the field trip in cash, check or purchase order. We kindly ask that your group members consolidate all payments into one payment upon arrival!

  • Honey Pot Hill Orchards does not stock any auto-injectable devices or medicine. If you have students that have allergies, you must bring the necessary items to be prepared for any medical emergency.

  • A Honey Pot Hill Orchards employee can only assist you in calling 911. A responsible adult in your group must carry a cell phone in case of an emergency.  

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