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Hard Cider Tent

Real fruit. Real fun.

Upcoming events:

Hard Cider Tent CLOSED

Meet the Team

Our Last Press cider blend is toast to our closing for the season and preparation for the new season to come. With this, we look to create one more avenue of sustainability on our farm, through which we can bring joy to you when celebrating the next harvest to come


Food chain sustainability has been a struggle for many around the world for as long as time has told, and we are no exception to this. Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to increase the chance for every apple we grow to make it from the tree safely into your hands. Nonetheless, we cannot always guarantee this. 


When James Deufel came on board with our team in 2019, we asked him to see if he could help with this. With nothing to lose, we decided after the season was finished and we had closed up the store, to press what apples we had left and try our hands at the timeless practice of fermentation. 


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