Honey Pot Hill Orchards is open everyday from 9-6!

PYO for Sunday 9/14/14 from 10-5 are: 

Mcintosh, Gala, Cortland, Akane, Golden Supreme!

$25 for 1/2 bushel (20lbs/~45-50 apples)
$16 for 1 peck (10lbs/~25-30 apples) 

There will be NO Honeycrisp available for PYO.  
​They are available in the Farm Store.

Our own Cider is in!

$3.50/ 1/2 gallon
$1.75/ 16oz guzzler


Visit our store for: apples, pears, peaches, cider, donuts, pies, caramel apples, slushies, softserve ice cream, peach smoothies, fudge, honey, jams & jellies, fruits & vegetables plus much more.

On the weekends, visit our outdoor grill which is serving hamburgers/cheeseburgers, hot dogs and chili.

Honey Pot Hill Orchards does not give cash refunds, store credit only.
Dogs are not allowed in the orchard, per Board of Health.
Honey Pot Hill Orchards is a non-smoking orchard.

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