Apple Shipments

Sharing a bite of home, one box at a time. 

Our process is quite simple: 

1. You choose one of the packages described below

2. Click the 'Order' button, and fill out the information

3. You purchase a package(s) 

4. We ship your apples!

*Please read additional information at the bottom of the page before placing your order

Image by Pierpaolo Riondato

Package #1

25 Apples 

$34.00 (excluding shipping)


Package #2

23 Apples + 1 Preserve

$44.00 (excluding shipping)

Image by Maria Petersson

Package #3

21 Apples + 2 Preserves

$54.00 (excluding shipping)

Here is some useful information:

- We ship every Monday
- Honey can be shipped, but it is an additional $2
- Some apple varieties are Premium varieties, and cost $2 extra per variety 
- Apple Salsa, Cranberry Apple Butter, Pumpkin Butter, Doubleberry Jam, and Honey (+$2) can be shipped with the apples
- Premium apple varieties (+$2): Macoun, Spencer,Fuji, Ambrosia
- Regular apple varieties: McIntosh, Spartan, Cortland, Empire, Jonagold
- Shipping prices are varied. It depends on which state the package is being sent too, and which delivery type is used (Express or Ground)